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Global Sourcing


BFC Life provides reduced costs for Global Sourcing through one-stop competitive quoting and a competitive global supply chain that is implemented instantaneously into your business so that you don’t have to deal with added overhead or resource costs!
Need help with your Global sourcing? BFC Life offers trusted and reliable services like:

Low Cost Sourcing in China
Diverse Capabilities and a Pre-Qualified, Direct Manufacturer Network
An Already Existent Relationship with Manufactures You can Trust
Your Company Information Remains Confidential in Drawings
Existing Relationships with Manufacturers
Over 45 Years of Combined Experience Sourcing in China and Removing your Barriers to Entry

Look no further for all of your global sourcing needs. We have you covered.


Quality Management


BFC gives you the opportunity to put boots on the ground in a country to verify your product quality and on-time delivery. Have you identified your own client in another Country? Allow BFC to be your eyes and ears on the ground with the manufacturer, making sure your interests are well protected and verifying the quality of work.
Here at BFC, we break Quality Management into three phases:

Pre-Production Inspections
This includes a manufacturing capability audit and a facility audit because we believe that the process must start well to end well.

Production Monitoring Inspections
This includes a setup and tooling inspection, a first article inspection, batch production inspection and overall product testing.

Pre-Shipment Inspection
No quality management system works without inspecting the quantity, branding, and packaging. We also offer documentation validation and the certainty of careful container loading for the overall safety of your investment.

One of the best parts about Quality Management with BFC is that we can develop a custom Quality Assurance Plan tailored to your product(s) or even utilize your existing plan!




With the always reliable help of trusted BFC services, you can eliminate the confusion and time-consuming effort of setting up international shipments, ensuring the right tariff codes and shipping modes are selected and eliminate your risks. All while saving yourself money!

BFC is a one-stop shop. We eliminate the need of you having to waste time engaging a supplier, freight forwarders, customs brokers and even trucking companies. Let us handle the work and help reduce your overall stress.

WIth BFC, you can count on a door to door delivery with your freight costs built into your sourced product costs. Do you know what this means? No more added freight bill processing and accounting nightmares!

BFC has long-term trusted relationships with international forwarders, ocean liners and trucking companies, both in China and the US to ensure the most competitive rates are provided just for your company.


Inventory and Fulfillment


BFC understands that cash is king to all businesses, so we see the optimal approach to inventory is that it be developed through our experience and your input, all while enhancing your level of quality service. BFC offers inventory with optimized turns in mind, not only to help you better manage a business, but also make your life easier!

BFC offers you just-in-time inventory and fulfillment solutions to your manufacturing plant because we believe in ensuring that you have exactly what you need, right when you need it. And all of this without the added inventory investment to your business.

BFC only accepts the best.
This means world-class inventory accuracy. There is never room for mistakes when it comes to your business and your products.
We believe in visible and consistent product labeling so that you will always be able to easily identify or scan your product with the least amount of trouble.


Lean Consulting


At BFC, as Lean/Six Sigma certified professionals, the core of our business philosophy is lean consulting. And because of this, we apply it to your product supply chain with our overall focus on value vs. non-value add activities.

BFC will work with you personally and can enhance your internal business operations and manufacturing processes through on-site lean tools training, kaizen events, or even help you establish your own lean culture.